Register your bank account with Danske Bank

Umeå University has an agreement with Danske Bank which is responsible for all payments. It is important that you register your bank account details as soon as possible if you want your salary to be paid to your bank account.

A registration of your bank account is required

A registration of your bank account number with Danske Bank does not mean that you will become a customer only that you inform the Danske Bank of your bank account details. If you are a customer of Danske Bank, you still need to register your bank account number.

Note that, if no registration is made, you will receive a postal bank cheque (giro form) which is sent by regular mail to your home address.

A BankID is required for identification
To register your account, you must have a BankID or Mobile BankID to identify yourself. If you have opened an account with your Swedish personal ID-number, you have all features and can order a BankID online.
Contact your bank if you need help.

General information about BankID I would like to know more and order a BankID

If you have opened a bank account using a coordination number or your birth number, you do not have access to a BankID. In this case you need help with your registration.

How to register your bank account details

Register your bank account with BankID or Mobile BankID

The registration form is only available in Swedish. However, these instructions in English will guide you through the process of filling in the form.

1. Open the instructions for how to register your salary account,
Register your account for salary payments (opens in new window).
2. Go to (opens in new window).
Follow the instructions to register your bank account number. If you need technical support, please call Danske Bank on +46 752-48 18 50.

For questions about the registration, please contact your payroll specialist.

Register your bank account without BankID or Mobile BankID

If you do not have a BankID or Mobil ID you need help to register your account number. Fill in the registration form and send it to your payroll specialist.

Registration form

Note that - if you have a BankID you must register your account details yourself. Read more under "register your bank account with BankId or Mobile BankID.


Phishing emails claiming to be from Danske Bank are being sent to Umeå university.

  • Don't answer these emails.
  • Don't click on any links in the email.
  • Do not open any attachments.

All communication with Danske Bank to give them your account number should be through the links on Aurora that you have to log in to see. Danske Bank will never ask you to send them any information via email.

Contact payroll specialists

You can contact a payroll specialist when you have a question about salary payment-related matters.

Who is my payroll specialist? (in Swedish)

Contact details of all payroll specialists

Birgitta Berglund