Teaching portfolio I: Understanding teaching portfolio

The purpose of this workshop is to develop your knowledge of portfolios of pedagogical qualifications as well how to create and use them. The workshop is aimed at both new and experienced teachers at Umeå University.

In this workshop we take a look at the requirements and guidelines for documentation and assessment of pedagogical qualifications that Umeå University and some other institutions of higher education have and discuss what pedagogical skill is. You will also get suggestions and experiences that will make it easier for you when you document your own pedagogical qualifications.

During the workshop you will be given the opportunity both to create the structure for your own portfolio and to begin to develop some of the documents that you want to include.


  • What is a Teaching portfolio?
  • The requirement for documentation
  • What is pedagogical skill?
  • The content of a Teaching portfolio – example
  • A structure for my portfolio – individual work
  • Assessing pedagogical skills

The number of participants is limited to 24.


Spring 2024

Language: Swedish or English (specify preferred language when you register)
Contact: Marie Friman
Date: March 25 between 13-16
Location: Zoom

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Application deadline: 2024-03-21

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