Pedagogical qualification board

To ensure an equal assessment of pedagogical proficiency at the different faculties, the Vice-Chancellor has decided on a joint university board to oversee qualifications for higher education teaching. The Board recommends a decision for appointment to the faculties, based on the experts' assessments.

The Board consists of Deputy-Vice-Chancellor Heidi Hansson (chair), two representatives per faculty and representatives of the three student unions.

Faculty of Medicine:
Associate Professor Aleksandra McGrath and Faculty subjects coordinator Anna Fahlgren

Faculty of Social Sciences:
Associate Dean Ann-Louise Silfver and Faculty subjects coordinator Nils Eriksson

Faculty of Arts:
Pro Dean Marlene Johansson Falck and Faculty subjects coordinator Ann-Catrine Eriksson

Faculty of Science and Technology:
Associate Dean Karolina Broman and Faculty subjects coordinator Susanne Vikström

Student unions:
One representative from each of the following student unions; Medical Sciences Student Union, Umeå Student Union and Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology

Co-opted for the board is an expert in pedagogical matters and a secretarial function from the Centre for Teaching and Learning (UPL) as well as an appointed distinguished teacher designated by the chair. Co-opted when needed is an expert in employment matters from the Office for Human Resources.

The mandate period is four years and the board assembles at least twice each semester.


Dates for the board's meetings


Thursday 24 February

Monday 30 May

Tuesday 27 September

Tuesday 29 November


Elizabet Westerlund