Occupational health service through Falck

All employees can turn to the University’s occupational health service provider with work-related problems. You do not need prior approval from your manager or supervisor to contact or book an appointment with the occupational health service.

Turn to the occupational health service if you have work-related problems and wish to seek support and counselling, see a physiotherapist or undergo a medical examination. If you need more than three appointments or more than three counselling sessions, Falck will – after consulting you – need to contact your manager to plan how to go forward.

Contact Falck via the order portal

You can make bookings and get in contact with an occupational health nurse, ergonomist or physiotherapist via the portal. The order portal allows you to book time for counselling. You can also contact the occupational health service provider by phone if you prefer. Contact details can be found in the order portal.

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Open clinic

On Tuesdays at 8:30–10:30, you can visit Falck during their drop-in hours. During drop-in, you can see an occupational health nurse or physiotherapist for counselling and assessment, and potentially book another appointment.
A physiotherapist can help you if you have problems with your musculoskeletal system.

An occupational health nurse can take life style-related samples (blood count, blood sugar level and total cholesterol), check your blood pressure or conduct hearing tests. You can also see an occupational health nurse if you suffer from stress, addiction or have other work environment-related problems


Open training sessions in first aid and CPR are offered continuously and the times for these trainings can be found via Internal education and network meetings (Swedish version of website).

Questions and answers

My rehabilitation or counselling sessions with Feelgood will not be completed before 1 January 2024 – what do I do?

Planned measures or counselling that has already started can continue with Feelgood during a transition period, but not beyond 30 June 2024. If you have any worries about your continued treatment with Feelgood, please talk to your manager or your nearest HR support function.

Will my medical records be transferred to the University's new occupational health service provider?

No. How medical records are managed is regulated through secrecy legislation in healthcare and works in the same way as if you privately change your designated healthcare centre.

How do I transfer my medical records to Falck?

If Falck assesses that they need to access your previous medical records, they will consult you. You need to give your consent to Feelgood for them to transfer your medical records by:

  • Filling out the consent form "Utlämnande av journalkopia till annan" (Transferring medical records to third party).
  • Handing in the printed and completed form in person to Feelgood. Ensure you can present a valid ID.
  • Feelgood will then transfer a copy of your medical records to Falck through a secure web service.

Occupational injury and incident

If you are injured at work or experience that an event is risky it is important that you notify your manager. There are also some other things to consider.

Annelie Mellström