Occupational health care

The university's occupational health care service is provided by a company called Feelgood. All university employees can consult the occupational health care for work-related health issues.

Occupational healt care services

From Feelgood, you can receive free counselling, examinations and participate in group activities.

You do not need any approval from your manager or supervisor to contact or visit the occupational health care service.

If you need more than three visits, a meeting is needed with you, your manager and Feelgood to plan further measures.

You can find contact information to Feelgood in the right column of this web page.

Open clinic

Feelgood offers an open clinic for university staff, open Thursdays 8:30 to 10:30. At the open clinic you can meet a nurse or a physiotherapist for counselling, assessment or booking appointments for example with a psychologist.

The physiotherapist can help you with issues regarding your musculoskeletal system.

The nurse can take lifestyle tests (blood value, blood sugar and total cholesterol), measure your blood pressure or test your hearing. You will also meet a nurse if you have issues with stress or your work environment.

Please note that waiting times can be quite long, depending on how many people visit during drop-in hours.


Open training in first aid and CPR is offered continuously and the times for these trainings can be found via Internal education and network meetings (Swedish version of website). Via the website you can book a time that suits you or register your interest.


In periods, Feelgood holds various group activities such as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). Participation in a group activity must always be preceded by dialogue and an assessment of Feelgood.

Feelgood also offers lectures and workshops to units and departments based on the group's needs. It can, for example, be about stress management, monitor ergonomics or team building. Feelgood also carries out medical checks, ergonomic investigations and health profile assessments, etc.

Occupational injury and incident

If you are injured at work or experience that an event is risky it is important that you notify your manager. There are also some other things to consider.

Occupational health Service

Occupational health service

Book an appointment through the occupational health service reception.

Phone: +46 (0)10-810 92 10

Address: Östra Strandgatan 24, close to Umeå Arts Campus

Email: umea@feelgood.se

Website: Feelgood Umeå

Cancel or reschedule appointment

Remember to cancel or reschedule your appointment 24 hours in advance. If you cancel or reschedule later, Umeå University will be charged for your appointment anyway.

Therese Holmgren