Ending your stay

When you are ending your stay in Sweden there are some practicalities to arrange. Remember to leave your contact details and new address to your employer and other relevant authorities.

A checklist before leaving


Make sure to terminate your rental agreement well in advance of your departure. Keys must be returned and personal belongings taken. The house should be properly cleaned when you move out.

Notify the Tax Agency

In prior to your departure you should notify the Swedish Tax Agency of your move. The form Notification, Moving Abroad. should be sent latest one week before departure. The information given in the notification will be used in the assessment of any tax liability. Remember to inform the Tax Agency your new address. 

More information from the Swedish Tax Agency - Moving from Sweden


Whilst working in Sweden, you have earned Swedish public pension and occupational pension. Prior to leaving you should contact the Swedish Pensions Agency and The National Government Employee Pensions Board

Here you can read about Pension.

Bank account

Please make sure to contact your Swedish bank for closing accounts.

Work place

Research and loan materials: Make sure research material is filed at the department and that borrowed equipment is returned. Please do not forget to take your personal belongings and return keys, access cards etc.

Termination talk: Your employment should end with a brief conclusion summarising your experiences at Umeå University. For example, how can the university improve the reception and hosting for future international staff?

Support after your employment has expired

If you have the right to work in Sweden you can take part of Arbetsförmedlingens service and support.
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Information about certificates related to unemployment
Periods of insurance, employment and self-employment completed under the legislation of an EU/EEA state or Switzerland can under certain circumstances be taken into account for the entitlement to unemployment benefits in another Member State where a person has become unemployed.
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Contact person at Arbetsförmedlingen: Annika Sund email


Jannike Hurenkamp