Salary determination

Salaries are determined individually at the university, which means that the salary must be individual and differentiated. Salary determination is based on two factors, which have equal weighting.

The two factors are:

  • the demands, requirements and responsibilities of the job
  • the individual's competence and target attainment in their work.

In order for the university to be able to offer competitive salaries, market factors may also be taken into consideration in salary determination, such as salary levels for equivalent work with a different employer.

It is these factors that affect salary determination, and which are followed up in the salary discussion held by you and your manager once a year.

How is an individual's competence assessed?

Assessing an employee's competence is complex. The assessment is based on a number of salary criteria which are set in relation to your work duties.

You can read more about Umeå University's general salary criteria in Umeå University's salary policy.

Doctoral students

The salary determination for doctoral students and assistants with education grants is governed by separate agreements. You can read more about the requirements for achieving the respective salary levels in the agreements.

Therese Holmgren