Communication for Learning

KOM is a flexible, 80-hour course at UPL that supports the development and refinement of your communicative skills and attitudes in order to make learning happen.

You work on an individual project, in which you apply what you learn in the course's workshops and explore different ways of communicating. You formulate the project yourself and have a lot of freedom in that: from lectures to learning resources, classroom interactions to independent lab instruction, seminar design to Canvas design, etc. We will look at communication holistically, in all its appearances. Through trial-and-error, creative explorations, feedback and supervision, and test-runs in authentic contexts, your project develops, and your communicative competence refines. All the way, we ask ourselves: does this improve the learning?

After the course, you will have created ways of working as well as materials that you can use in your teaching right away.

Course structure



You can start the three times a year one of the full course days, depending on what works best for you. It is handy to plan the chance to test your project work in its real setting in the second half of the course, so depending on when you have teaching opportunities.

During the course, you participate in four workshops of your choice, which give input and support to your project. You can also request a supervision-session. You attend your second full course day halfway the course for presenting your progress, getting and giving inspiration, supervision, and peer feedback. Here it's safe to try things out and make mistakes. In the second half, you test your project in its authentic setting and tweak your designs. On the third course day you give the end presentation of your project. After these three course days and four workshops, you will get your certificate of participation.

We offer a menu of workshops throughout the year. You choose the four workshops that help you best in your project and development process. The menu items, their order, and the frequency of certain workshops can change per year, based on popular demand, new requests, and insights that come up during the course days. We invite you to share any wishes you have during the course days.

In 2024 the menu contains:

Bodies in the Classroom - The impact of body language and positioning while teaching

Please? Now! Here... - Interacting with your audience and teaching materials

Power to the Point - Why, when, and how to use Powerpoint (and other presentation software)

I'm Only Human... and an academic - Ethical aspects and the importance of relations.

A picture says more than a thousand words - Communicating for learning by visuals and aesthetics

De-Stereotyping (they/their) - Inclusive language in speech and written text

Curating Stories - Which stories to tell how to whom and when

The Voice and Other Noises - How sound supports communication.

Camera! Lights! Learning Action! - using video in teaching

Feedback on demand - how to give feedback

All workshops are interactive, so be prepared to be doing things, not just listen. The workshops are run in English, but participants can use Swedish in the exercises if they desire so. Participants can get a certificate of participation if desired, and if at a later point they wish to do the KOM course, these workshops will count. Workshops are typically planned at the beginning of the month.

Target Group

The course is directed at all staff members who have taught for a while and are interested to develop their competence in communication for learning with students, colleagues, researchers, and the general public.y.

Course dates

Autumn 2024

Language: English/Swedish
Course code: KOM4
Contact: Suzanne Brink
Location: Läraren, UPL (Naturvetarhuset)

Course days: Oct 2 (2024), Feb 12, May 21 (2025)

Application to the course start October 2 , 2024

Application deadline: 2024-04-15


Summer 2024

Language: English/Swedish
Course code: KOM3
Contact: Suzanne Brink
Location: Läraren, UPL (Naturvetarhuset)

Course days: June 5, Oct 2 (2024), Feb 12 (2025)

Application deadline: Application is closed, send an email to Marie Friman if you like to sign up on the waiting list


Spring 2024

Language: English/Swedish
Course code:
Suzanne Brink
Läraren, UPL (Natural Science Building)

Course days: Feb 14, June 5, Oct 2

Application deadline: Application is closed

Course information

Level: In-depth

Length: 2 weeks

Participants: 8 - 16

Please note: There will be an administrative fee of SEK 5000 if you cancel your participation three weeks or later before the course starts. 
This also applies in case of non-show without notice or early interruption of the course.

Notification of admission is sent to applicants about 2 weeks after the application deadline. Read more about our general admission and selection here.

any questions about your registration?

Please contact our administrator, Marie Friman.

Marie Friman