Pedagogical leadership

Within the university there are many examples of leadership. One of them is pedagogical leadership. This course puts a pedagogical leadership perspective on various aspects of education and learning.

During the course you will be able to develop your understanding of what pedagogical leadership means and develop the ability to handle different stakeholders' requirements regarding undergraduate studies.

Quotes from previous participants

"My expectations were primarily to grow in my role as a teacher and receive help to define that role. I think that was what I have got."

Target group

The course is for those who already are, or who are going to be, pedagogical leaders or the equivalent. The equivalent can be for example, director of studies, programme co-ordinator, course co-ordinator at a department or within a faculty.

Learning objectives

During the course you will be able to:

  • develop your understanding of what pedagogical leadership means
  • develop the ability to handle different stakeholders' requirements regarding undergraduate studies
  • develop the ability to conduct pedagogical appraisal discussions
  • develop knowledge of relevant policy documents and their implementation
  • develop the ability to establish a pedagogical perspective when planning courses and programmes
  • reflect upon the meaning of quality in student learning
  • develop your understanding of the relationship between your pedagogical approach and pedagogical leadership
  • develop the ability to practise pedagogical leadership

Course content

  • Leadership inside and outside the academy
  • Requirements, responsibilities, and the authority of a pedagogical leader
  • Conflict and conflict resolution
  • Leading groups and individuals
  • The relationship of a pedagogical approach to pedagogical leadership
  • Current issues for pedagogical leaders
  • Pedagogical performance reviews
  • Pedagogical perspectives on educational planning
  • Quality in education and student learning

Course layout

The number of course days: the course includes 10 working days of which six are scheduled and four are for individual work. The times are 8:30-16:00 with an hour for lunch.

Teaching strategy

The course is designed to allow the participants a high degree activity where the participant's own knowledge, experiences and reflections are a valuable contribution to knowledge acquisition during the course. The course is based on a pedagogical approach that includes working near to the participants' experiences and everyday work and offers considerable opportunities for reflection upon the activities. In addition to the participants' own activities the course includes lectures, seminars and course readings.

Course dates

Spring 2024

Language: Swedish
Contact: Marie Friman

Course days: Feb 15, 22, 23, Mar 22, Apr 12, May 7
Location: Läraren, UPL (Natural Sciences Building)

Application deadline: Application is closed

Course information

Level: In-depth

Length: 2 weeks

Participants: 8-16

Please note: There will be an administrative fee of SEK 5000 if you cancel your participation three weeks or later before the course starts. 
This also applies in case of non-show without notice or early interruption of the course.

Notification of admission is sent to applicants about 2 weeks after the application deadline. Read more about our admission and selection here.

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