Time off with pay

Besides holiday, parental leave and sick leave, you also have the option of taking other types of paid leave.

You can apply for all types of leave in PASS, apart from leave for other employment. For this, you have to submit form Application for Leave LA07.

Visits to doctors and some visits to dentists

You can take time off with no salary deductions for visiting doctors, dentists or similar in the following cases:

  • visits to doctors
  • visits to the occupational health service
  • outpatient visits
  • visits to antenatal clinics
  • when donating blood
  • when you experience acute dental problems and for examinations or treatments on referral from your dentist or doctor.

Family matters

You have the option to taking time off in connection with serious illness, death, funerals and estate inventories relating to your immediate family. Immediate family is deemed to include

  • husband or wife
  • children and grandchildren
  • parents, foster parents and in-laws
  • grandparents
  • brothers and sisters
  • uncles and aunts
  • nephews and nieces
  • sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law

Serious illness (refers to vigilance on the deathbed or such an acute illness that inevitably requires the intervention of the employee).

The employer will assess in each individual case how long the period of leave may be.

The day of death

One day


One day

The maximum amount of leave permitted per calendar year with regard to family matters is 10 days. Time off for travel will be assessed in each individual case.

If you need time off beyond the day of the actual funeral or burial, you can take unpaid leave or holiday, or take any flexitime you have accrued.

Paid time off for studying

If a particular course is important for an activity which involves you, you can take time off for studying while still retaining all or part of your pay. Your manager will decide whether this course can be viewed as important for the activity.

Other reasons for paid leave

  • Relocation (max. 3 days if removal costs are paid).
  • Other relocation (1 day).
  • Activities in your capacity as a shop steward (max. 10 days/year) (notification to attend must be enclosed)
  • Graduation and examinations (max. 5 days/year).


The self-service system PASS is where you register leaves of absence, holidays, overtime/extra time, travel claims, etc. If you are an employee, you can also download your payslip from PASS.

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