Alcohol and drugs

An alcohol-free and drug-free workplace is essential for a good work environment. It is not permitted to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs during working hours, and the university has a clear policy on how any problems of abuse are to be handled and combated.

How an employee or student uses alcohol or drugs in their free time is normally his or her own concern, but if their habits affect safety, the work environment, wellbeing or performance at work, then it also becomes an issue for the university.

The university's overall goals are to:

  • strive for alcohol-free and drug-free work and study environments
  • prevent alcohol consumption developing into addiction
  • provide support to help rehabilitate addicts
  • provide factual information to help change habits.

A person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs during working hours is always a threat to workplace safety. The manager therefore always has a responsibility to bring up any problems with a person who is a suspected or confirmed addict and if possible help them.

If you suspect or know of any abuse, the first step is always to speak directly with the person concerned. If you feel this is a delicate matter, you should instead inform your manager or work environment representative.

Your manager or immediate supervisor has a responsibility to assess the risks to employees and students when the department organises a party or other activities where alcohol is present. As an employee, you are also responsible for your own consumption of alcohol at such times. Non-alcoholic alternatives must always be provided at parties.

Support and help with substance abuse problems

If you feel that you have a problem with your alcohol or drug consumption, you can get help and support both within and outside the university. You can always turn to your manager, who has a responsibility to help you. If you do not feel comfortable talking to your manager, there are many other people and organisations you can turn to:




Jeanette Lövqvist 
Human resources strategist at the Human Resources Office
📞 090-786 53 79



Pernilla Jansson
Human resources strategist at the Human Resources Office
📞 090-786 62 25



Linda Johnson
Human resources strategist at the Human Resources Office
📞 090-786 55 04



Annelie Mellström
Human resources strategist at the Human Resources Office
📞 090-786 62 72

Elizabet Westerlund