Salary and reimbursement

For employees

This information is directed at employees.

On these web pages you can read more about your salary - when it is paid out and how to register a salary account. You can also read about what affects your salary, what a salary review is and what you can do to influence your salary.

Salary payment

Information about when salary and salary supplements will be paid out.

Register salary account

Register your account with Danske Bank to receive your salary.

Salary determination

What the salary determination is and which parts it consists of.

Salary review

What a salary review is and what parts it consists of.

Salary discussion

What salary discussion and salary setting discussion is and how it works.

Find your payroll specialist

Find contact information for your payroll specialist

Development discussion

The development discussion is a prepared, structured and annually recurrent meeting.


If you are working in Sweden for more than six months it normally means that you are fully liable for Swedish income tax. 

Tax relief

The main feature of Sweden's tax relief legislation will provide a 25 percent reduction of taxable income of a foreign key person. This means that a key foreign individual's income tax will be based on only 75 percent of his or her income.

Reimbursement of medical expenses

You can be reimbursed by the University for certain medical expenses. For example, visits to the doctor, dentist and psychologist. The amount eligible for reimbursement depends on the type of medical expense you incur. The reimbursement is a taxable benefit.

Read more about reimbursement of medical expenses

Fitness reimbursement

Umeå University offers a fitness reimbursement to all employees. This page contains information about the amount of reimbursement you can receive and for what activities.

Read more about fitness reimbursement

Travel expenses and allowances

When you travel for work, you may be entitled to a subsistence allowance and/or a salary supplement. These can be either taxable or tax-exempt.

Read more about travel expenses and allowances

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