Basic course in higher education pedagogy - online course

This basic course in higher education pedagogy develops your knowledge of learning and skills in implementing teaching that benefits student-active learning.

During the course, you will get the opportunity to develop your knowledge of the learning process, your ability to support learning and to develop a reflective approach to your own teaching role.

During the course we will examine models for planning and implementation of teaching activities, and also assessment and evaluation that promotes learning, both on campus and online.

Furthermore, regulations and policy documents as well as the teacher's ability to choose teaching methods and design physical and digital learning environments will be evaluated.

Quotes from previous participants

"I will employ a broader variety of teaching/learning methods and I will increase students' active participation in the course."

Target group

The course is designed for teachers who wish to develop their knowledge of teaching at the university, their knowledge of the learning process and their ability to support learning.

course dates

Start autumn 2024

Language: English
Application code: GRU15
Contact: Marie Friman

Course dates: Start Oct 10 2024 (full day)
End's April 15 april 2025 (half day).
This days are mandatory (on site or Zoom).
The rest of the course is net-based

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Application deadline: 2024-04-15


Start autumn 2023

Language: Swedish
Application code: GRU12
Contact: Marie Friman

Course dates: Start Oct 12, 2023
end's April 18 (half day) 2024. This days are mandatory
The rest of the course is net-based.

Application deadline: Application is closed

course information

Level: Basic

Length: 5 weeks

Participants: 8-24

Please note: There will be an administrative fee of SEK 5000 if you cancel your participation three weeks or later before the course starts. 
This also applies in case of non-show without notice or early interruption of the course.

Notification of admission is sent to applicants about 2 weeks after the application deadline. Read more about our admission and selection here.

Course evaluation 2019

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