Opening a bank account

There are many important things to keep in mind when applying for and having a bank account that you need to be well aware of. Good preparation and sufficient documents will give you a better chance of getting an account.

Umeå University has in collaboration with Handelsbanken put together some useful information as a guidance for opening a bank account.

Please note; all bank must follow their own laws and procedures first and there may be individual circumstances that can lead to a rejection. If this happens, contact another bank.

We recommend that you contact a bank immediately upon arrival in Sweden, preferably before you have received a Swedish personal identity number. The processing time to get registered in Sweden is usually long and if you want to open a bank account with your Swedish ID-number, you also need a Swedish ID-card to identify yourself.

You can open a bank account without a Swedish ID-number and identify yourself with your foreign passport. The process takes about 1-2 weeks.

How to opening a bank account

1. Carefully read through the information sheet
Information about opening a bank account

2. Prepare all necessary documents

3. Make sure to bring the complimentary certificate/document from Umeå University (ask HR or your PI)

4. Book an appointment with the bank

5. When you have an account - remember to register your bank account number to Danske Bank. More information

6. If you opened an account without a Swedish id-number, make sure to change your bank account status as soon as you have got both Swedish id-number and a Swedish id-card.


BankID - the most common e-ID in Sweden
In order to obtain a BankID, you must have a Swedish Personal identity number and be a customer of one of the banks that issue BankID.
Order BankID directly from your bank. The order differs slightly between different banks. Log in to your online bank and read more about how to order BankID at your bank.

Once you have a BankID you can download the app called Swish and connect your bank account to your mobile phone number. Swish is easy to use for quick transfer of money and payments. For example if you want to buy a bus ticket, or buy something online or from a private individual.

Bank offices in Umeå city

Address: Storgatan 48
Phone number: 090-18 54 60

Address: Rådhusesplanaden 3
Phone number: 077 122 44 88

Address: Östra Rådhusgatan 6
Phone number: 090-348 04 20

Address: Västra Rådhusgatan 5
Phone number: 090-16 90 00

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