PBL and the Case Method

This course is directed to those who would like to develop student active-teaching and at the same time develop in the role as teacher. Today’s universities should develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are in demand in working life and society.

Case method and problem based learning are two forms of teaching that can be used to develop student's independence, knowledge, critical judgement and problem solving.

Quotes from previous participants

"The direct connection to my teaching role and my own courses made it possible to reflect on the layouts linked to the PBL and Case method in a good way."

Target group

This course is aimed at teachers who want to learn more about student active-teaching.


During the course you will have the opportunity to develop:

  • knowledge about, and understanding of, the background and prerequisites for PBL and the Case Method
  • experience from learning through PBL and the Case Method
  • a reflective attitude regarding these pedagogical models
  • experiences from and reflections upon the supervisory role in PBL or the Case Method
  • a part of a course carried out with PBL or the Case Method
  • an examination for a part of a course carried out with PBL or the Case Method
  • understanding of the importance of another ethnic background and gender when introducing student-active methods

Course content

  • Student-active learning – a changed teaching role
  • Group dynamics
  • How to do it
  • Launching the Case Method or PBL
  • Constructing a case/scenario
  • Student assessment with the Case Method/PBL
  • Course planning - constructive alignment

Teaching strategy

The course is designed to ensure a high degree of participant activity and is carried out to a great extent based on Problem Based Learning. Your own knowledge and experiences and reflections are a valuable contribution to the collective knowledge building in the group. During the course you have the opportunity to process your new knowledge in base groups.

The pedagogical view of the course is to learn by doing and then to consolidate through reflection with peers. Furthermore the group's process will be examined. The Case Method is going to be treated independently in order to make the two pedagogical strategies clearer and separate. The teachers who take part in the course act primarily as supervisors. Three of the course days are to be used for an assignment that will be presented and discussed on the final day of the course.

The duration of the course

The course extends over two weeks of which four whole days and three half days are scheduled.

Course dates

Autumn 2024

Language: Swedish
Contact: Marie Friman
Course dates: Aug 20, Oct 8 & 16, Nov 4, 21 & 27, Dec 17
Location: Läraren, UPL (Naturvetarhuset)

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Application deadline: 2024-04-15


Spring 2024


Course information

Level: In-depth

Length: 2 weeks

Participants: 8-16

Please note: There will be an administrative fee of SEK 5000 if you cancel your participation three weeks or later before the course starts. 
This also applies in case of non-show without notice or early interruption of the course.

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