Researchers meet in South Korea – delegation trip with focus on collaboration

2 November 2022

Researchers from Umeå University, Lund University and KTH will meet researchers from Seoul National, Korea University and KAST, Korean Academy of Science and Technology on site in Seoul, South Korea, on 8-12 November. Together with the Embassy of Sweden in Seoul, a few intensive days are expected with in-depth collaborations in research, innovation and education.

Umeå University’s delegation travelling to South Korea. From the left: Ellen Bushell, Linda Bresäter, Ingrid Svensson, Katrine Riklund, Florence Sisask, Helena Gradin, Jonas Rosenqvist, Petra Käck och Tommy Lundgren. Not in the picture: Ethan Nowak and Janina Priebe.

Photo: Mattias Pettersson

"The program will include roundtable discussions, innovation meetings – research to business, and a Nobel Memorial Program which is open to the public where researchers comment on this year's Nobel Prizes," says Katrine Riklund, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Umeå University.

A delegation of eleven people is travelling to Seoul from Umeå University. In addition to the research meetings, Umeå University is participating in several recruitment fairs for students and will also arrange an alumni meetup for students who have studied in Umeå.

The Nobel Memorial Program takes place on Thursday 10 November. From Umeå University, Florence Sisask, university lecturer and deputy director of studies in French, will participate. She will speak about the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature.

"One of the purposes of the symposium is to celebrate the joy of discovery and curiosity, two qualities that author Annie Ernaux possesses to the highest degree," says Florence Sisak. "Her autofictional stories bear witness to how she took on a cultural and literary treasure that was not highly valued in her native environment, how she made it her own before enriching it in her very own way. It will be very interesting for me to hear how literary scholars in South Korea have received and interpreted her work."

The Nobel Memorial Program will be available to follow online.

"Sweden and South Korea have many things in common. Both are countries that invest in research and innovation. Research and research collaborations are also an important way to go when it comes to tackling global challenges. We often talk about Sweden as a nation of knowledge. Now we meet in exciting conversations that can hopefully lead to closer cooperation and exchange of valuable knowledge," says Katrine Riklund.

Representatives from Umeå University include:
Linda Bresäter, Ellen Bushell, Helena Gradin, Tommy Lundgren, Petra Käck, Ethan Nowak, Janina Priebe, Katrine Riklund, Jonas Rosenqvist, Florence Sisask and Ingrid Svensson.

Since 2013, Umeå University has collaborated with the Swedish Embassy in Seoul to recruit students from South Korea. The collaboration was broadened in 2020 to include research. This year is the first time that researchers will be on-site in South Korea. The collaborative project is also supported by the Swedish Institute and the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.


Nobel Memorial Program

Thursday 10 November:
Medicine, physics and chemistry – at 05:30-07:30
Economics – at 08:00-09:30
Literature – at 11:00-12:30

Follow the entire program online:

For more information please contact Helena Gradin, deputy director at the International Office.

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