Participant-driven non-conference in Life Science stimulates curiosity

3 June 2022

Welcome to the "CU4 a Life Science Shake-Up", an unorthodox non-conference, which is participants-driven and where all participants can be speakers. It will be organised as a lunch-to-lunch event from August 31st to September 1st 2022, in the wonderful setting of Hotel Lappland, Lycksele.

The organiser, Coalition Umeå for Life Science, CU4LS, invites all of Umeå's researchers active in different Life Science fields to join this multidisciplinary event, have a good time discussing science with colleagues and shake up the local Life Science community!

The aim is to launch a different type of "come together" that stimulates curiosity and interactions and creates innovative and collaborative constellations. This is strongly facilitated by non-constrained brainstorming!

Register yourself and your group members already now, as the number of seats is limited! The early-bird registration deadline is Thursday 30 June.

More information:

About the event and register links 

Learn more about the Coalition Umeå for Life Science (CU4LS)

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