Short course: Gerontechnology for health, participation, and quality of life

18 October 2023

Apply for the MIRAI 2.0 short course "Gerontechnology for health, participation, and quality of life". This short course intends to bring together doctoral students and postdocs from Swedish and Japanese member universities.

Credits: 4,5 ECTS
Time: 27 November-13 December
Format: The course is conducted through lectures and group discussions as well as collaborative work in pair or small group, through online platforms. Course meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays 17:00-20:00 Japan, 9:00-12:00 Sweden.
Application deadline: October 31


This course will discuss gerontechnology in terms of concepts, applications, and impact on older people. Content include:

  • digitalization and digitalized products and services
  • older persons, including their needs, interests, preferences, skills, and experiences of technology
  • health, participation, and quality of life in digital societies
  • research methods
  • user-centered approach
  • co-production
  • ethical, legal, and social issues

Course syllabus 

Entry Requirements & Selection

Selection procedure (ordered by priority):

1. Students registered in a PhD programme or Postdocs at MIRAI 2.0 member universities.
2. Other applicants: Admission based on the number of credits at graduate level (2 ECTS credits in Sweden is equivalent to 1 credit in Japan). The applicants will be selected randomly in the case of equal credits.
A strive for diversity in disciplines/academic fields and an equal number of students from Sweden and from Japan. English is the medium of instruction and examination.

Maximum number of participants: 30 (15 from Sweden and 15 from Japan).


The application form can be found on To apply for the course, click on the link "Apply for a course".


For more information about the course and its content please reach out to the course convenors:

Jönköping University: Caroline Fischl,
Hiroshima University: Mineko Wada,

More about the MIRAI 2.0 collaboration

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