Wanted: Director for a new Cancer research school

13 September 2023

Cancer Research School North has received a grant to set up a Cancer research school at Umeå University in collaboration with Gothenburg University. Apply for the part time position as Director no later than October 15.

We are looking for a Director to set up our new Cancer research school with the focus of molecular epidemiology and use of biobanking material. You should at least have a PhD or equivalent in a relevant topic, work independently and have good organizational skills. Please see list below on some of the tasks and skills that are necessary.
This is a part time position for three years with a possibility for extension if new funding is granted from Cancerfonden and enough students have entered the program after 2,5 years. You need to have an employment at Umeå University, and the assignment will be part of your position at your department. The position as a Director is flexible and can be up to 40 % of a full-time position depending on your current situation.

• Coordinate the different courses and blocks and how they should be distributed throughout the three semesters. The courses can be further developed over time.
• Oversee the teaching "faculty" (lärarkollegiet), make sure they meet at least once per semester.
• Actively market the school at meetings and conferences.
• Find new ways to recruit students.
• Be a contact person for students regarding course content.
• Communicate with the administration.
• Be the one in charge at the different networking events arranges by the school.
• Contact and invite potential guest lecturers.
• Facilitate contacts for interdisciplinary collaborations.
• Draft funding applications for the research school.

• PhD or equivalent.
• Very good organization skills.
• Work independently.
• Interested in science outreach and education.
• Good knowledge about at least one of biobank research, registry research, epidemiology etc.
• Good communication skills.
• Experience in grant writing.
• Very good in Swedish and English, written and orally.

Please send in your CV with a personal letter to Beatrice Melin, beatrice.melin@umu.se explaining why you think you are the right person for this assignment no later than October 15.
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Beatrice Melin, 0730-91 80 28 beatrice.melin@umu.se

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