Call: Gunnar and Ruth Björkman's fund for botanical research in Norrland

1 April 2022

The purpose of the fund is to promote botanical research at Umeå University, primarily in phytogeography and plant ecology, morphology and taxonomy. The fund aims to finance the publication of scientific articles, but also to facilitate field research and the processing of materials.

Grants are mainly given to teachers and researchers who do not have a permanent contract. Salaries are usually not funded.

The application should be written in English and include the applicant's CV, information about what project the grant is intended for, a specification for the requested amount, including university overheads, and a statement concerning whether grants have been applied for or granted from other sources for the same project. Applications should also include information about whether the applicant has previously received grants from the fund and, if so, what these grants have been used for.

Application marked with reference number FS 2.1.6-701-22 should be directed to the Faculty of Science and Technology Board, and be submitted to no later than May 10, 2022.The registration number should be given in the subject field of the mail.

Before a decision is made about granting funds, received applications shall be tried by a special committee convened by an expert in ecological botany.