Funds for research equipment in 2023

9 May 2023

The TUA committee has set aside SEK 700,000 for the purchase of research equipment. The last application date is 2023-06-03.

Researchers/research groups at the Department of Odontology, Umeå University, and at Specialist Dentistry and General Dentistry's competence center, Region Västerbotten, are invited to submit proposals for the purchase of research equipment to the TUA committee. The cost of the equipment/measure must exceed a base amount (52,500 kroner in 2023).
The proposals must primarily describe the needs that exist over the next two years.
The TUA committee will approve the purchase of equipment based on the proposals received.

Application must contain
1) Which research groups support the purchase
2) Specification of the equipment including any peripheral equipment and service agreement,
3) If several groups are involved
4) Where you intend to place the equipment and who is responsible for handling the equipment
5) The applicants' CV
6) Details of any counter-financing

Equipment that benefits already ongoing research projects and equipment that promotes several research groups will be prioritized.
Further information can be provided by Pernilla Lundberg, or Pernilla Lif Holgerson,

The signed application is sent by post to:
The staff for research and education
To. Ida Laestander
Region Västerbotten NUS, Destination P31 By5B
901 85 Umeå

The application can also be sent electronically to