Jessica takes over as staff magazine editor

7 February 2018

"I've been wanting to produce Aktum for twenty years and am really excited about it," says Jessica Larsson Svanlund, new editor-in-chief of the staff magazine Aktum.

She is taking on her new role after having most recently worked at the External Relations Office. Nevertheless, her experience in communications is more far reaching than that. In the past, she's worked as a journalist, copywriter, communications officer and editor-in-chief. Some examples of her editorial skills are from local Norrlandsmagasinet and the business magazine Affärstidningen Umeåregionen.

Jessica Larsson Svanlund, editor-in-chief of the staff magazine Aktum.

Photo: Jonas Ericson

"Although, my very first editorial job was at Bränt i Veckan, a high-school newspaper at Bräntbergsskolan upper-secondary school here in Umeå."

As the new editor-in-chief of Aktum, she is interested in getting more members of staff involved in the magazine, and one way of achieving that is to get people to submit ideas, feedback and recommendations to the editor.

"Umeå University is a treasure chest of exciting people, fascinating research, and interesting courses and programmes. I'm really looking forward to get digging. But please get in touch too!"

From 2018, Aktum will only be issued twice, which is half the number of issues in comparison to last year.

"I'd love to increase the numbers again, and I'm hoping that can be achieved in future. The first Aktum will be distributed at the beginning of March with collaboration as its theme. We will also be covering the new research programme."

Jessica Larsson Svanlund is employed at the Communications Office but will be spending 60% of her time with research communications at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Contact the editor-in-chief

Jessica Larsson Svanlund


Text: Jonas Ericson
Translation: Anna Lawrence

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