Continue to follow the university’s COVID measures

22 March 2021

A year of pandemic has passed and we are now in a difficult situation with high infection rates locally. Please remember that everyone who can must avoid visiting the university and continue to work from home. Staying at home when you are poorly or have even mild symptoms of disease continues to be a necessity.

This applies at Umeå University

  • Avoid working in and visiting university premises.
  • Work from home to the extent possible.
  • Keep your distance to others if you must be at work.
  • Limit your physical contacts to a few and the same individuals.
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of disease – even mild symptoms.
  • Carry out all your meetings online, otherwise postpone them.
  • Do not carry out any events in university premises.
  • Be very restrictive regarding business travel.
  • Conduct teaching and examination using online means as far as possible.
  • In situations where people cannot avoid close contact, wear a face mask.

These measures currently apply until 7 June. Also, regularly check out for updates.

Extended recommendations regionally

The serious situation and huge pressure on the healthcare system in the local county has made Region Västerbotten extend its stricter recommendations until 18 April. These state that all citizens must, to an even greater extent than before, avoid meeting new contacts, avoid places that can cause crowding. Also, everyone must work and study from home as often as possible, not make unnecessary travels within or out of the county, as well as use a face mask in public transport and when you cannot avoid close contact with others.

Read about the stricter recommendations in Västerbotten

Questions and comments

If you have questions or comments about the university's information or handling of COVID-19, please contact the Crisis Management Team on

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