Outdoor gatherings between a few colleagues now possible

18 May 2021

In February, the university issued an advice against meeting and gathering outdoors. Now in May, the danger of the pandemic is not over yet and the spread of infection is intense in Västerbotten. Despite this, the advice against meetings outdoors has been lifted, which makes it possible for staff to meet in small groups again.

On 6 May, Region Västerbotten extended its stricter recommendations for Västerbotten that have been in place since February. These state that everyone should minimise their contacts, but that socialising with people outdoors is a possibility if distance can be maintained:

"Socialise with few people. You can socialise with people you normally meet. If you meet people other than those in your immediate circle, you and the person you are meeting should keep physical distance. Socialise outdoors and remember to keep your distance there as well."

Based on that phrasing and consultation with the Department of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention at Region Västerbotten, the university is now lifting its advice against meeting outdoors. The recommendation is still that as few people as possible should meet, with a maximum limit of seven people for outdoor gatherings between staff.

"We urge everyone to be cautious, but still want to make it possible for a few members of staff to meet outdoors. But please remember to keep your distance and, of course, stay at home if you feel poorly," says Per Ragnarsson, chairperson of the university's Crisis Management Team.

This does not change the fact that staff must still work from home to the extent possible and that meetings must be held online.


If you have questions or comments about the university's information or handling of COVID-19, please contact the Crisis Management Team on corona@umu.se.

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