New appointed programme leader for Research & Leadership Programme (ReaL)

13 March 2023

Associate professor Anna-Lill Drugge from the Department of Language Studies has been appointed new programme leader for the Research & Leadership Programme (ReaL). Anna-Lill Drugge will be replacing Matts Björklund and will lead the programme together with Professor Jon Moen.



Anna-Lill Drugge, associate professor from the Department of Language Studies, has been appointed new programme leader for the Research & Leadership Programme (ReaL). She will be working 10 % with ReaL during the spring and will be working 50 % for ReaL from July, together with Professor Jon Moen. Senior consultant Matts Björklund will end his mission in June, after many years of active engagement in the ReaL programme.

- It has been very exciting, educational and meaningful to be involved in the process of developing the ReaL programme, a structure for career support for researchers at Umeå University. The consistently positive reception has been stimulating for the work on developing the program into an established programme today. It is very gratifying that Anna-Lill Drugge will be continuing the work together with Professor Jon Moen, says Matts Björklund.

Anna-Lill Drugge is a historian and trained pedagogue with extensive experience in research and teaching in the Sami subject area. Her network and research collaborations are internationally marked, with collaborations spanning several countries. She currently works as director of studies for postgraduate studies at the Department of language studies and is involved in several positions of trust both within and outside the academy.

- It feels exciting to be able to participate in one of the university's most important initiatives, and to meet researchers from different faculties who want to develop at different stages of their careers. The ReaL programme is already a well-proven and functioning research leadership program, and I look forward to managing what we have, and contributing to developing the programme even further, says Anna-Lill Drugge.

This is the ReaL programme

The research and leadership programme, ReaL, is a competence and career programme for research leaders at Umeå University. The programme is part of the university's efforts to support researchers' skills and career development, adapted to the career paths available in the employment scheme. The purpose of ReaL is to:

  • Learn and develop skills regarding leadership, especially focusing on research leadership.
  • Support the development of successful research environments, both existing and future environments.
  • Support the researchers' individual career development and continuing academic growth.

More information about ReaL


Anna-Lill Drugge

Jon Moen

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