The Student Welcome Fair will be on 7 September

24 March 2023

The Student Welcome Fair for new students is normally held at the start of each autumn semester. The fair gives our new students a good opportunity to quickly learn what the University and Umeå have to offer.

The purpose of ​​the Student Welcome Fair is to make our students to feel welcome, confident and inspired so that they will continue their studies at Umeå University.

In accordance with the University's rule on semester dates of the academic year as well as teaching-free days (in Swedish only), the University's welcome event for the autumn's new campus-based students shall be held on the first Thursday in September. This year, that means that the Student Welcome Fair will be held on 7 September, which is during the second week of the semester.

All faculties and the Umeå School of Education are requested, according to the rule, to include the Student Welcome Fair on 7 September in the schedules for their new students, either between 10–12 a.m. or 1–3 p.m. This facilitates for all first-semester students on a study programme or a course starting on 28 August, to actually visit the fair and gather information that they may need or want.

More information about the upcoming autumn's Student Welcome Fair will come later during the spring.

Questions? Please contact:

Annica Höglund
The Communications Office


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