Seminar on engineering in education with Marie Paretti

6 February 2024

On Thursday 22 February, Marie Paretti, Professor of Engineering Education at Virginia Tech, USA, will hold an open seminar on how to promote engineering in our education. The seminar is primarily aimed at all faculty members teaching in engineering programmes, but is open for everyone with an interest in education.

Marie Paretti.

Professor Marie Paretti has extensive experience teaching in engineering programmes. At Virginia Tech, she directs the Engineering Communications Centre.

The time and place for her seminar is Thursday 22 February, 10:00-11:30 in MIT.C.313.

A brief description of what the seminar will cover:

Engineering School, Engineering Work, and the Space Between
Though not all engineering graduates go into engineering workplaces, many do and engineering education has long focused on preparing students for work. But what does that mean? In what ways and to what extent can we prepare students for work? How do we negotiate tensions between engineering work as it is (including its contributions to global climate crises and other challenges), engineering work as it is becoming with rapid advances in technology and practice, and engineering work as we might want it to be? What pedagogical practices prepare students for the transition from school to work? In this seminar, we will look at these questions across a range of research studies from the last 15 years that offer some potential answers, but also some new questions.

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