Visual identity

Our visual identity should ensure that all university communication has a clear and timeless appearance adapted to a digital interface. By following the visual identity in all university communication, it becomes clear to the recipient that Umeå University is the sender.

Updated templates can be found on Aurora under Service and support, Templates and brochures, Templates with logo.

The Communications Office provides advice before and after production

If you are contemplating creating new products or have already produced something, you can ask for Inhousebyrån at the Communications Office for advice, both before and after production. Feel free to get in touch when you have queries or submit your material for proof-reading, feedback or advice.


The logo is the key element of our visual identity and consists of two parts – a seal and a brand text, "Umeå University", in Swedish, English or Ume Sami. The logo is a registered trademark and may not be cropped, altered or in other ways manipulated.

Download logo

Only staff at Umeå University can download the university's logo. To download the logo, you need to be logged in and fill in your contact details in the form provided.

Go to the form to download a zipped logo package

Logo – seal only

The logo always consists of the seal and the brand text together. In certain contexts, there are restrictions that make it difficult to display the entire logo. In some exceptional cases, it may be acceptable to use the seal on its own. Using the seal only must always be preapproved by the Communications Office.

Logo – sender information

In principal, Umeå University is to be regarded as sender of the logo. Faculties, departments, schools, institutes, academies, research centres and other units can be added as additional senders in the brand text. Schools, institutes and academies at Umeå University can have a logo with their name as sender and Umeå University as an additional sender.

All logos are produced by Inhousebyrån at the Communications Office. Please contact Inhousebyrån if you have questions or would like to place an order.

Using logos with additional senders

  • A logo with an additional sender may be used in the production of marketing material, such as printed products, advertisements and rollups.
  • Schools, institutes and academies may order or produce customized templates (with their own logo and additional sender) for the use in Word and PowerPoint, based on the university's institution-wide templates.
  • Faculties, departments, centres and offices may not order or produce customized templates, but are instead referred to the use of the university's institution-wide templates. Organisational belonging can be signalled using the header and footer of documents when necessary.
  • A logo with an additional sender may never be used for course certificates, diplomas or doctoral theses. These must always bear the Umeå University logo.


Students are only to use the university's visual identity when writing theses, degree projects or equivalent and in those cases by using the templates available. The university's logo or visual identity may not be used when dispersing information, surveys or similar, or for presentations during a student's studies. This since the student is sender of the information and content, not the university.


The updated visual identity contains the same fonts as previously:

  • Gotham and Publico, which require a licence. These are primarily used for graphical design production such as printed products.
  • Verdana and Georgia, which are free of charge. These are used for products such as documents and presentations.

Buy fonts?

If you already have a licence, there is no need to purchase a new one and most of your needs are covered by the templates that can be downloaded. In cases where no templates are available, you can use Verdana and Georgia. So, in most cases no font licences are needed. However, if you do need to purchase a font licence, please refer directly to the owners of each font.

Licence for Gotham – Hoefler&Co

Licence for Publico – Commercial type




Gotham Book, Gotham Medium and Gotham Bold are used in printed communication and also on the web.




Publico is used in printed communication, particularly in body text since it is an easy-to-read font in small sizes.

Colour profiles

Umeå University has a colour palette of two primary colours: dark blue and black; and three complementary colours.

Primary colours

  • CMYK: 81-54-23-46
  • RGB: 42-71-101
  • HEX: #2A4765
  • CMYK: 0-0-0-100
  • RGB: 0-0-0
  • HEX: #000000

Complementary colours

  • CMYK: 55-9-44-14
  • RGB: 115-167-144
  • HEX: #73A790
  • CMYK: 15-30-55-5
  • RGB: 215-177-124
  • HEX: #D7B17C
  • CMYK: 5-33-20-3
  • RGB: 234-186-185
  • HEX: #EABAB9
  • CMYK: 0-0-8-8
  • RGB: 241-239-228
  • HEX: #F1EFE4


Symbols can be used in both printed and digital communication to lighten up and clarify a message. Umeå University uses the symbol library Entypo.

Download Entypo in .svg format (complete library)

Download Entypo in .eps format (limited library)



Logo history

The Umeå University logo was originally designed by silversmith Sigurd Persson in the 1960s and the various parts symbolise Umeå and northern Sweden. The house represents a characteristic Västerbotten barn and the reindeer can also be found in the Umeå city arms. The symbol was originally created as a piece of jewellery: the Vice-Chancellor's chain worn at ceremonial occasions.


Please contact Inhousebyrån on if you have any questions regarding the university's visual identity.

Anja Axelsson