If you need something printed, the university printing office can help you.

No drop in

Right now we do not offer drop in. But feel free to contact us for advice or make an appointment by phone or email.

Doctoral thesis (dissertation)

There are many things to take inte consideration when it is time to print your doctoral thesis. In addition to the print, we can also help you with the design och both the inlay and the cover.

Master's thesis

We offer you as a student a favourable price for printing your Bachelor's or Master's thesis.


We offer printing of scientific posters and other large format printing on three different materials: paper, laminated paper and cloth.

Contact information

Infocenter Universum

Phone hours 9:00–15:00 on Monday–Friday
Closed for lunch from 11:00–12:00

+46 90-786 58 10

Visit by appointment

Frida Fjellström