Freja eID+

Freja eID+ is a government approved digital ID card that you can use for some services and system at Umeå University. The use of Freja eID as method for authentication opens up the possibility to self-service and means more independence. Freja eID+ is available from 8 December 2021.

What is Freja eID+?

Freja eID+ is a free, government approved digital ID card that helps you log in in some system at Umeå University. You can prove your identity in an application on your smartphone instead of showing a physical legitimation card.

Freja eID works as a regular ID card. If you want to use the functions of Freja eID for Umeå University systems, you need to activate Freja eID+. With Freja eID+ you have the highest security level available with Freja eID. 

What can I do with Freja eID+ at Umeå University?

Previously, you needed help from Servicedesk to implement the listed actions. But now, you can carry out the actions yourself with the use of Freja eID+. This simplifies the process for everyone involved.

How do I activate Freja eID+?

Activating Freja eID+ is a procedure with a few steps.

Go to the registration to activate Freja eID+ (

Learn more about Freja eID+ through Frequently asked questions (


Contact Servicedesk when you need assistance such as technical support or to request access to a system.

Servicedesk contact form
Phone: +46 90-786 63 00


Manuals and instructions can be found on the website Manual.

System reports – Driftinformation (Swedish only)

Provides information on system disruptions and planned updates.

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