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When booking taxi journeys, the university's procured supplier "Flygtaxi" must be used. Taxis can be booked from point A to B as well as connecting journeys to trains and flights.

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For heads and managers

Form for registering a taxi booking coordinator ("huvudansvarig taxibokare")


Support for the Kammarkollegiets contract customers

Telephone 010-140 77 77

Button selection #1 Urgent change or cancellation of an existing booking or request for delayed taxi

Flygtaxi booking support


Phone: +46 8 120 920 00

List of words - Flygtaxi vocabulary

Huvudansvarig taxibokare
Taxi booking coordinator

Pre-registered frequent traveller
Förregistrerad resenär

Temporary traveller
Tillfällig resenär

Got questions about your travels?

Contact our travel coordinator for support in the self-booking portal at


If you have any questions, feel free to have a look at our FAQ where we have the most common questions answered.

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