How to organise a successful in-person meeting

On this page you will find tips on how to succeed in your physical meeting. Here you can read about some things you need to think about before, during and after your meeting.


  • Have a clear agenda with your meeting. It makes it easier for both you and the meeting participants.
    Book a room that suits your meeting via Timeedit
  • Are you going to share a screen or use other technology during the meeting? Test the technology before the meeting begins.
  • Depending on how big room you have booked and how many meeting participants there are, it can be good to think about whether you need a microphone so that everyone can hear you well.


  • Feel free to start the meeting by telling why you have invited the participants and explain what the purpose of the meeting is.
  • Try to be careful with everyone to keep the set time, it is important to be able to follow the schedule and out of respect for the participants.

Make your meeting interactive

  • You can use Whiteboard to create digital whiteboards for collaboration. Whiteboard is suitable, for example, to use when you have workshops, project planning or group discussions.
  • With Forms, you can collect feedback, plan activities, create quizzes or tests for your meeting participants. It is also possible to invite people outside the organization to respond via any browser and mobile devices.
  • Mentimeter supports a number of different question types where participants can vote or enter answers and get a visual summary. The tool is useful for collecting feedback, voting, brainstorming ideas and using the results as a basis for discussion.
  • You can use video services such as Umu play to play pre-recorded material.
    Umu play


  • After the meeting is over, you can summarize the meeting and evaluate what has been said. Did you achieve the purpose of the meeting or do you need to book another meeting?
  • You can send a summary to the participants after the meeting.
Elin Sköld