Help with accommodation for international employees

Will your department be hosting a visiting research fellow? The Accommodation Service can help to arrange accommodation, allowing you to focus on giving your visiting research fellow the best possible welcome.

The Accommodation Service (Sw. Bostadsförmedlingen) makes it easier to welcome visiting research fellows. We have a number of reserved apartments that we can offer to international visiting research fellows via a subletting agreement for a maximum of two years. We deal with the entire accommodation process and ensure that the tenancy process runs as smoothly and safely as possible for visiting research fellows. 

As a department or unit, you need to register your visiting research fellows. You should do this using a form on Teams. Your application constitutes formal certification that the individual is authorised to have housing provided via Umeå University's Accommodation Service. The process for the visiting research fellow begins when we receive the application. From that day, they will be placed in our housing queue and will get access to our Accommodation Portal. The portal shows available rental properties that the visiting research fellow can register their interest in. Offers of available apartments are advertised on a regular basis to those in the queue. If someone accepts, a tenancy agreement is drawn up between the tenant and the Accommodation Service. We deal with all practical information for the tenant via the Accommodation Portal.

The Accommodation Service currently has 826 rental properties. Of these, 316 are for international visiting research fellows and the rest are for international students. As there is considerable interest in our accommodation, we regret that we are unable to guarantee accommodation for all applicants. We therefore encourage all applicants to join the housing queues operated by other local landlords before they arrive in Umeå, and to look for accommodation in other ways than only via the Accommodation Service.

Lena Bohlin