Disciplinary measures

Disciplinary matters are dealt with at Umeå University by two different boards – the Disciplinary Board for students and the Human Resources Board for staff.

Diciplinary actions against students

According to the Higher Education Ordinance, the university can take disciplinary action against students who

  1. use prohibited aids or other methods to attempt to deceive during examinations or other forms of assessment of study performance,
  2. disrupt or obstruct teaching, tests or other activities within the framework of courses and study programmes at the higher education institution,
  3. disrupt activities in the library of the higher education institution or other separate establishments at the institution, or
  4. subject another student or an employee of the university to harassment or sexual harassment.

All suspected incidents are reported to the Vice-Chancellor who will investigate the matter. Disciplinary action consists of a warning or suspension. Some incidents may also be reported to the police.

On the external web there is information aimed at students about what is meant by cheating and plagiarism, what happens in the event of cheating and how cheating can be avoided.

Report to the Vice-Chancellor

If an employee suspects that a student has cheated, harassed or disrupted activity in any way, he or she should report this to the Vice-Chancellor.

Disciplinary board review

If the Vice-Chancellor passes the case to the Disciplinary Board, the board will investigate the matter further. Based on the events, they can either issue a warning to the student or suspend the student.


If an employee commits a crime at work or neglects their duties to the employer, the employer can act under both criminal and disciplinary regulations. This can mean, for example, dismissal or suspension from work.

In cases involving termination of employment for personal reasons (where the employment is not probationary), disciplinary responsibility, prosecution, suspension or medical examination will be handled and investigated by the Human Resources Board.

You can find out more about Termination of employment under Employment, Termination of employment.

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