Display signage programme

Umeå University's Display signage programme aims to create a clear and functional way in which signs are displayed to make it easier for visitors to navigate around campus and finding their final destination.

The target group of University signage includes visitors in general, students, employees, suppliers and external tenants.

All main signposting in campus buildings will be replaced in stages, starting in 2020 with the Natural Sciences Building and the Northern Behavioural Sciences Building. As part of the development of the new Display signage programme, the Police Education Building and the Biology Building have been re-signposted.

Umeå University's display signage programme in more detail:
Rule - Display signage programme (Regel Skyltprogram). 

Q&A about the University's new Display signage programme

Does the new Display signage programme apply to all campuses at Umeå University?

No, the new Display signage programme only applies to the main campus, i.e., Campus Umeå. As regards to other areas on campus or rented buildings, the signage programmes of the individual property owners or any other separate signage arrangement apply.

So far, has any of the buildings on the main campus been re-signposted?

The Police Education Building, the Biology Building, the Natural Sciences Building, the Northern Behavioural Sciences Building and the MIT Building.

What has been done to incorporate accessibility into the new Display signage programme?

The Display signage programme is based on the building regulations of the the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket) as well as the publication Break the Barriers – Guidelines for accessibility (Riv hindren - Riktlinjer för tillgänglighet) from the Swedish Agency for Participation. The Centre for Accessibility (Kompetenscentrum för tillgänglighet) has been involved throughout the process, providing advice and comments on the work proposed. All advice and comments received have been incorporated to the extent possible. A report on the Display signage programme has been presented to the University's accessibility group and evaluated by a reference group. When launching the Display signage programme, the possibility of introducing voice information systems in all entrances to the University was also considered.

When can we expect to start seeing the new signs?

All the signs on the main buildings on Campus Umeå will be replaced and erected in stages, starting in 2020 with the Natural Sciences Building and the Northern Behavioural Sciences Building. The work with replacing and erecting new signs is expected to continue throughout 2023. The order in which the buildings will be signposted will be announced at a later stage.

What if our building needs new signs before the date announced?

If this is the case then please contact Infocenter. The ordering of signs is the responsibility of the Campus Services Office. However, please note the following:

  • Signs needed immediately will be ordered in line with the signage programme that currently exists in the building and not the new Display signage programme..
  • These signs will be replaced once the new Display signage programme commences in the building.
  • Each department, office or equivalent must bear the costs of signs erected on its premises. The Campus Services Office bears the cost of signs erected in communal areas.

Existing (old) signage programmes apply until all of the buildings on the Campus Umeå have been signposted under the new Display signage programme.

How will the new Display signage programme be introduced?

The replacement of existing signs will take place one building at a time. Once a building is due to be fitted with new signposting, all operations in that house will be contacted by the project group. The project group deals with comments and requests, checks the relevant documentation and orders the signs.

Who pays for the new signs?

All new signs erected under the Display signage programme will be funded by the existing rental framework. On completion of the Display signage programme, any new signs required

  • in connection with central renovations will be funded by: the existing rental framework
  • in connection with operational adaptations will be funded by: the operations themselves.

Does the new Display signage programme mean that some of the building and rooms will be given new names?

The abbreviations used for the University's buildings and rooms have been revised in order to create as clear building references as possible and avoid confusion. Existing abbreviations have been revised and new abbreviations developed by the Language Council at Umeå University. For the latest abbreviations used, go to List of words - place names.

Bookable premises
All bookable premises are subject to the following uniform coding system: name of building, hall and room number. For example, HUM. B.358. All room numbers will be checked and reviewed in connection with new signs being erected under the new Display signage programme. Some of the rooms may then be given a new code.

We work in the premises of the University Hospital of Umeå (NUS). Who do we contact for help with the new signs?

All sign displays relating to internally rented premises at NUS are managed by the Property Management Office at Umeå University. Other display signs at NUS are managed by Region Västerbotten. Other premises at NUS are covered by the Region Västerbotten's display signage programme. For any questions relating to the display signs in premises that are internally rented from the NUS, please contact Cecilia Franzén at the Property Management Office.

I heard that more focus is to be put on the campus walkways. What does that mean?

The different buildings on Umeå Campus are interlinked by internal walkways. These internal walkways have never before had a name or been actively communicated. They can also be rather confusing and difficult to follow as they wind their way between different buildings and floors. As a part of our work to simplify orientation and contribute to an increased level of accessibility and security on Campus Umeå, it has been decided that more effort should be put onto making the campus walkways more well-known and more visible. Following a collection of name suggestions for the internal walkways, these are now referred to as the 'Campus Corridor' (Campuskorridoren).

Who was in charge of developing the new Display signage programme?

The new Display signage programme is a collaborative development of the Communications Office, the Campus Services Office and the Property Management Office. Feedback and comments have been provided by a student reference group. The Language Council at Umeå University has been consulted throughout on matters such as the naming of buildings, terminology and translations. The assignment was carried out by TM Konsult and Studio With as sub-consultants.

Our building has been re-signposted. However, one of the signs has now broken. Who do I contact?

Please report any faulty signposting to Infocenter, either by filling in the online contact form or by calling +46 90-786 50 00.

Our building has been re-signposted. However, the information given on one of the signs is incorrect. Who do I contact?

Please report any mistakes in signposting to Infocenter, either by filling in the online contact form or by calling +46 90-786 50 00.

Who is responsible for updating the information printouts found on some of the signs?

Signs with interchangeable information printouts are used in locations where the information provided needs to be updated on a regular basis. For example, next to offices and along corridors.

With the introduction of new display signs, the project group will produce information printouts for both communal and rented areas.

Once the Display signage programme is fully implemented, all information printouts in communal areas will be updated by the Campus Services Office. In rented areas, the information printouts will be updated by the respective department, office or equivalent.

If you think that the information given in a communal area is incorrect, please contact the Campus Services Office or Infocenter.

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