Microsoft eLearning

Umeå University has signed a central campus agreement with Microsoft. Thereby it is possible for employees to take part of the Microsoft E-learning courses.

E-learning and interactive training make it possible for you to practice when and where it suits you best. The courses are offered in a variety of languages.

Login to get access to the registration/access code.

How to get access to the courses

In order to take part of the total educational material, enter Umeå University's specific registration/access code. The code may be used only by employees. According to our license agreement with Microsoft, it is not allowed to hand out the code to unauthorized persons.

How to sign in

  1. Visit the e-learning website.
  2. Click Login.
  3. Choose to log in with an Work or School account.
  4. Enter your Umu-id and in the box email (e.g. You will get automatically redirected.
  5. A text saying You are almost done appears
  6. Click on the text If you have an access code, click here to redeem it.
  7. Fill in/redeem Umeå University's registration code (found in the box to the right, you need to login to access it) as well as your Umu email address.
  8. Click Send to complete the sign in procedure.
  9. Once you have started a course you have 12 months to finish it.

About the service

You will find information about the various courses when you log in (catalogue). The service is free of charge for employees and available around the clock seven days a week.


Use the help function in the program. If you have problems with a course, you can also contact the Microsoft customer service.

Elin Sköld