Postal services and transport

PostNord handles the university's traditional postal service for letters and parcels within Sweden. YSDS handles priority shipments.


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Registered consignments

Send registered consignments
Registered consignments are sent using the PostNord online tool Skicka Direkt Business. Register you user through this form: Register as a user

Log onto PostNord's business portal

Accept registered consignments
Registered consignments are delivered to Infocenter at which the consignment can be picked up by the recipient by showing identification. During holidays when Infocenter is closed, the postal services will contact you to receive the consignment.

High-priority consignments with stricter requirements on traceability, delivery reliability, transport temperature and/or shorter delivery times

The service Your Special Delivery Service (YSDS) should be used both internationally and nationally for all high-priority consignments with stricter requirements on traceability, delivery reliability, transport temperature and/or shorter delivery times, etc.

These consignments include

  • Imports: to allow Umeå University to keep a simplified customs declaration procedure, we need to provide Swedish Customs with correct statistics, and it is thus of vital importance that all imports are handled by YSDS. Please note that it is the ordering party's responsibility to ensure that each consignment has a clear addressee.
  • Express consignments: such as documents, packages and pallets.
  • Urgent domestic deliveries: for instance with delivery on the same day or early the following day.
  • Sensitive consignments: including biological samples, dangerous goods, art works, temperature-controlled goods (liquid nitrogen, dry ice, +2-8ºC, etc.), and live animals.
  • Bulky goods: including instruments, apparatus and pallets.
  • High-value goods: including paintings, sculptures, instruments, etc.

YSDS chooses the ideal alternative for your item based on destination, goods type and priority. They ensure that the package is properly packed and labelled. They also handle consignment notes and customs declarations. With YSDS, you can pass on all the responsibility for how your shipment will be handled or you can request that a specific company handles your shipment. YSDS also handles larger goods such as pallets and bulky goods.

Learn more about Your Special Delivery Service.

YSDS will also handle all imports as it is an important part of Umeå University's reporting to the Swedish Customs.

Import with FedEx

The FedEx network in northern Sweden is not efficient enough to meet YSDS and Umeå University's expectations for delivery time and quality. Imports booked with FedEx from, for example, the USA to Umeå tend to take longer than desired to reach the recipient. Temperature-controlled transport runs a higher risk of not arriving on time, which can damage the contents.

To prevent and counter the above problems, YSDS strongly recommends that the recipient at Umeå University ask the sender to book the transport to the YSDS office in Stockholm. Then YSDS can book a new transport from Stockholm to Umeå with a better suited forwarder to avoid delays and possible temperature deviations. State Umeå University as "Importer of Record". If you have questions or concerns about the routine, please contact YSDS on +46 10 106 00 50 or

Internal postal services at Umeå University

The Campus Services Office distributes all incoming mail and all internal mail within Umeå University and the University Hospital of Umeå. The postal service collects and drops mail three times a day.

When sending internal mail, remember to write the recipient's Name, Department/Office and Building.

Mail drop 1

This mail drop starts at 09:05 in this order: Humanities Building, Social Sciences Building, Behavioural Sciences Building, University Library, Technology Building, MIT Building, KBC Building, Natural Sciences Building (9:30), Eastern Pavilions, trade unions, Akademiska hus, Landskapsekologi, IKSU, University Hospital of Umeå.

Mail drop 2

This mail drop starts 11:00 in this order: Biology Building, Physics Building, Molecular Biology (and additional places with mail deliveries).

Mail drop 3

This mail drop starts at 12:15 in this order: Umeå Academy of Arts, Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå School of Architecture, Bildmuseet, Curiosum, Pharmacology, Physiological chemistry (6M), University Hospital of Umeå, Umeå School of Sport Sciences, Teacher Education Building, Student Health Service (Aula Nordica), Police Education Building, Behavioural Sciences Building, UCCB, Natural Sciences Building (14:30), KBC Building, Vita lådan Universum.

Mail is collected and dropped at the University Administration and the University Management Building at about 10:00 and 14:00.

Contact infocenter

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Your Special Delivery Service

Dangerous goods

How to use YSDS

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Contact Information

Your Special Delivery Service
Phone: +46 10-106 00 50

Shipping addresses on campus

Last-minute postbox

The postbox at the entrance to Aula Nordica, Universum, is emptied at 14:30. Only white envelopes with a bar code may be posted in this postbox. No express mail or registered consignments may be posted here.

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