Planning of premises, furnishings and rent

Umeå University does not own its premises but rents them centrally under an internal rental system. The rental system, rental negotiations, new developments and refurbishments as well as renegotiations of existing lease agreements are managed by the University’s Building Office.

The University's properties are mostly owned by Akademiska Hus real estate company, Baltic Gruppen property management company and Västerbotten County Council. The Building Office leases premises on behalf of the University and also plans and organises new developments, redevelopments and refurbishments. The faculties, departments and units rent their premises from the Building Office.

Planning of premises, refurbishments and operational adjustments

When an institution or unit is in need of new or larger premises, it is the responsibility of the Heads of Departments or Managers to contact the Building Office.

Additional information about university-wide investment plans in new developments, redevelopments, renovations, refurbishments and equipment can be found in the University Board's decision on allocation of resources.

The Vice-Chancellor makes the final decision in all important matters relating to the University's premises.


Purchases of new furnishings are individually financed by the relevant department or unit. Departments or units wishing to purchase new furnishing should refer to the Suppliers Catalogue for details of suppliers contracted by the University. The Building Office can also give advice and assist with the purchasing of new furnishing.

The University keeps supplies of second hand furniture. If you would like second hand furniture delivered to your workplace, please make a request using this form.


The rental amount payable is set once a year by the University Board and is calculated based on the size of the premises rented. The internal rent includes:

  • Refurbishment of shared premises
  • Data and telecommunications networks
  • Safety system (alarms, passage controls, etc.)
  • Existing furnishings and equipment.

Maintenance and purchases of new furnishings and equipment are not included.

Collaborations and the Work Environment Committee

The design of the University's premises impacts hugely on our work environment. The role of the Work Environment Committee is therefore increasingly important in all matters concerning the premises. Once a year, the Head of the Building Office provides an overview of all projects planned for the University's premises. The Work Environment Committee is also informed of any planned new developments and redevelopment projects.

The planning of new development and redevelopment projects is also considered and discussed by the Central Cooperation Group (CSG) and the Faculty Cooperation Group (FCG).

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The Premises Provisions Plan 2020 - 2023 (in Swedish) not only provides a summary description of the University's need for premises. It is also a strategic regulatory document for future provisions of premises in addition to which, it supports the optimisation of premises used by Umeå University.

second hand furniture

The University keeps supplies of second hand furniture. If you would like second hand furniture delivered to your workplace, please make a request using this form: Furniture inquiry

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