Ordering customised university merchandise

If you need to create merchandise products, it is important that you choose products with care. The aim is for Umeå University’s merchandise to be used and appreciated, build pride, and strengthen our brand.

Are you looking for the University's existing line of merchandise? See our assortment and ordering information.

Choosing a product

Try to find products that are attractive and useful for the target group or recipients you are targeting. Products should be perceived as being of good quality, regardless of price, and convey that Umeå University is synonymous with sustainability, cooperation and innovation.

Choose mainly:

  • Products that are largely produced in an ethical and environmentally-friendly manner.
  • Products that reflect or are linked to your own organisation, Umeå University, Umeå or Norrland. Ideally in an innovative or unexpected way.


  • Products whose own brand is particularly conspicuous.
  • Products that are only available in a distinctive colour, e.g. red products.

Visual identity

The design of university merchandise is primarily done by the University's contracted supplier. The contracted supplier has access to our visual identity and knowledge of applicable rules. It is important that our visual identity is followed so that we communicate a coherent image of the University even with our merchandise.


University merchandise must always include a logo, which can be the University's regular logo or a logo with an additional sender.

Read more about the logo

If you wish to include other information, such as department, study programme or message, this information must be separated from the logo in the University's profile font Gotham. The contracted supplier will provide suggestions for design and placement.


The contracted supplier has access to our fonts. As the client, you do not need to deliver a ready-to-use original. You simply need to specify what information or message you wish to include.


Few products match the University's profile colours exactly, and this is not a requirement. Preferably choose a dark blue, black or white product. The contracted supplier can provide suggestions for products that adequately represent one or more of our profile colours.

Choice of materials

Preferably choose products with environmental certification or another type of sustainable or ethical production.

If possible, choose light-coloured wood types, glass, silver-coloured metals or tin.


Contracted supplier

For questions regarding customised merchandise or orders, please contact:

Pernilla Vålming, Fronta

Or send your question to

Lina Strömquist