Procurement request

On this page you find information about how to request a procurement from the Procurement and Purchasing office.

Request procurement

When you are about to purchase goods or services for which the contract value exceeds the threshold of SEK 700,000 and no agreement currently exists, you must submit a procurement request to the Procurement and Purchasing office.

Request procurement by submitting the order form.

The buyer can prepare by thinking about the requirements that can be placed on the product / service and also inform themselves about what suppliers on the market can offer.

Allow yourself plenty of time

Remember that a procurement takes time. For example, it takes about three months to complete the tender documents. There is also a statutory requirement for a minimum of 10-30 days of advertising depending on the value of the procurement. The estimated time from the receipt of a request until the procurement is completed is between 3 and 8 months.

The procurement process in brief

  • The buyer investigates their needs and makes a market analysis for the product or service.
  • Request procurement by submitting the order form according to routines on the following page, request procurement.
  • After the request has been received, a responsible procurement officer is appointed, who contacts the buyer and books an appointment for a first meeting.
  • Work on the tender documents will begin. The Procurement officer is responsible for requirements on the supplier and contract terms and the buyer is responsible for the product-specific requirements.
  • When the tender documents are ready, the procurement is announced. The advertising time depends on the value of the procurement.
  • The Procurement officer compiles the tenders received and evaluates the tenders together with the buyer. When the evaluation is complete and the winning tender is selected, an award decision is sent to all tenderers.
  • An agreement can be signed no earlier than 11 days after the award decision has been sent out.

Regulated by the Public Procurement Act (LOU)

The Public Procurement Act (LOU) regulates in detail the permitted activities of public authorities with regard to the purchasing of goods or services.

Read LOU as a whole.

Read more about public procurement on the National Agency for Public Procurement's website.

Procurement request

Form to submit a procurement request over SEK 700,000 to the Procurement and Purchasing office (the form is only available in Swedish)

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