Fire safety

Umeå University is proactive in its fire prevention work. We provide fire safety training to staff, we have an emergency action plan in both Swedish and English, and every year the departments and offices carry out a fire safety inspection.

Fire safety organisation

Our fire prevention work is governed by the Swedish law on protection against accidents. Among other things, this means that building owners and business operators are responsible for carrying out systematic fire prevention work. The Vice-Chancellor has decided on a fire safety organisation that indicates who does what in fire safety work. Those who have duties within fire safety work must have a written delegation for this. The building owner is responsible for the operation and maintenance of building installations. The university's working environment coordinator is responsible for coordinating all fire safety work.

Fire safety officer and flammable materials manager

Each department, office or equivalent must have a fire safety officer who is responsible for carrying out internal inspections (fire safety inspections) and ensuring that any deficiencies identified are remedied. Departments that handle flammable materials must nominate a flammable materials manager to ensure that all such materials are handled in accordance with the applicable regulations. The fire safety officer and the flammable materials manager must have a written delegation from their manager.

Fire safety inspection

Every year, the fire safety officer must conduct a fire safety inspection at their department or office, together with the building manager. A checklist for fire safety inspections can be found under "Fire safety rules and regulations".

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