Visual identity

Our visual identity is intended to give the University's communication a distinctive and timeless look. When all communication from the University conforms to our visual identity, recipients can quickly identify Umeå University as the sender.


Information about the University's logo, versions and use.


The visual identity includes two main colours and four complementary colours.


Read more about our profile fonts, substitute fonts, licences and usage.

Graphic elements

Information on decorative components of the visual identity.

The Communications Office can provide advice both before and after production

If you produce your own graphic material, video, etc., Inhousebyrån at the Communications Office can answer any question you may have about the visual identity. Please feel free to either ask questions or send in your material for feedback and advice.

More tips and advice are available on the page Producing and ordering.

Using the visual identity:

Graphic design tool

There is a graphic design tool with templates available to all staff to support you when producing posters, simple brochures, covers, business cards, etc. All templates in the graphic design tool have been adapted to be in line with the visual identity.

Go to the graphic design tool.

Frequently asked questions

When to use the visual identity

The visual identity has been approved by the Vice-Chancellor and applies to all organisational entities of Umeå University. It is important that you apply the visual identity to all material for which Umeå University is the sender.

If possible, use the University's branded templates – Templates with logo

I need the University's logo. Where can I find it?

The logo can only be downloaded by staff members who are logged in to the Aurora staff website. Once logged in, you will see a link to downloadable files on the Logo page – Go to the Logo page.

If you are not a staff member, send a description of your need for the logo and how it will be used to

Can I use just the round mark/seal of the logo?

No, Umeå University's logo consists of both the round mark (seal) and a sender "Umeå University" (brand text).

The logo with additional sender also includes the entity's organisational name as part of the brand text.


Exceptions for use of the seal alone are decided on a case-by-case basis by the Head of the Communications Office. Please send any requests or questions to

I do not have the University's profile fonts. Do I have to use the University's font to conform to the visual identity?

No, the visual identity specifies two profile fonts and two substitute fonts. The substitute fonts are free of charge and do not require a licence. They can be used if you do not have a licence to use the profile fonts. The substitute fonts are the fonts used in templates with logo for Word and PowerPoint.

Read more on the Fonts page.

Policy documents


Students may only use the University's visual identity for their own academic work in the form of theses, degree projects or equivalent, and at such time using the templates that have been made available. The University's logo and visual identity may not be used when dispersing information, surveys or similar, or for presentations during a student's studies, as it is the student, not the University, who is the sender of the information and content.

Lina Strömquist