When public authorities buy goods and services, it must be done from procured agreements. The process for signing contracts / framework agreements takes place through procurement governed by the Public Procurement Act (2016: 1145) (LOU).

If contract / framework agreement does not exist

If there are no procured framework agreements / contracts for the products or services you wish to purchase, a procurement must be carried out.

It is the total cost of your planned purchase that determines how you proceed.

Step 1. Calculate contract value

The first step is to calculate the contract value. The value of the contract is the total amount included in the purchase and that will be paid to the supplier. The value must include the contract's total term, incl. shipping, installation, accessories and any extensions and options.

The value is calculated excluding VAT.

Step 2. Select procurement procedure

The total value of the purchase determines which procurement procedure is relevant.

Click further below for the procedure that matches your purchase.

For questions

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About Public Procurement

Direct award of contract

  • For purchases less than SEK 50,000, or
  • For purchases between SEK 50,000-700,000

Procurement request

  • For purchases more than SEK 700,000