When public authorities and municipalities buy goods and services, it must be done from procured agreements. The process of establishing an agreement takes place through a procurement.

Public procurement is governed by laws and regulations to, among other things minimize corruption and conflict of interest, ensure good quality of demanded goods and services and equal treatment of suppliers.

The Procurement and Purchasing Office is responsible for the procurement activities at the university.

Calculate the contract value

If no agreement exists, it is the total cost of your purchase that will determine how you should proceed with your purchase. There are several things to consider when calculating the contract value. You must calculate the total cost during the term of the agreement. Including cost for shipping, installation, service, etc.

Direct award of contract

When the total value is less than SEK 615,312, it may be possible to carry out a direct procurement. More information about direct procurement can be found here.

Procurment exceeding 615 312 SEK

When you are about to purchase goods or services for which the contract value exceeds SEK 615,312, and no agreement currently exists, you must submit a procurement request to the Procurement and Purchasing office. This is done electronically and more information is available via Procurement request.

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