Credit card with personal liability to pay

Umeå University has a credit card agreement with Eurocard where the cardholder is personally responsible to pay the invoice. The credit card is a complement to the ordinary purchasing and payment routines at the University.

You can apply for a card via the link below (you need to be logged in to see the link and read more about what a credit card with personal liability to pay entails).

To submit your application electronically, you need to use a Swedish BankID. If you do not already have one, you need to order one via your Swedish bank. This can usually be done online. Otherwise, contact your bank to find out more. You can also print your application form and submit it by regular mail. Instructions on how to complete the application form are available via the link below. On the second page, you can choose English in the top right corner.

Please note! The link should only be used by employees at Umeå University. You commit to pay your invoices via e-invoicing. If you fail to do so, your card will be terminated by the University due to the extra costs of invoicing being charged to the public authority.

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Important contacts – Eurocard

Report loss of card, etc

Phone: +46 8-14 67 67. From abroad +46 8-14 67 67 (day and night)

Eurocard Customer Services
Phone: +46 8-14 67 57
Opening hours: 08:30–17:00. June–August 08:30–16:30


Birgitta Berglund