Waste disposal

As an employee at Umeå University, you are responsible for sorting and disposing of your waste correctly. This page includes instructions on how to sort your waste and where it can be disposed of.

Symbols on the recycling bins.


Waste disposal in public spaces

In public spaces you can find recycling bins for waste-to-energy, plastic packaging, paper and cans.

Other kinds of waste 

The recycling room

In the recycling room, you can deposit waste that is not suitable for the bins in public spaces. For example cardboard boxes, corrugated board, plastic, light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, glass, metal, batteries and electronics such as screens and keyboards. Ask a service assistant if you cannot locate the recycling room.

Computer and mobile phones

Computers, screens, keyboards and other computer accessories are handled as electronic waste. The same applies to mobile telephones. Computers and mobile phones should be emptied of information and taken care of by the IT manager at the department or office, or by ITS.


If you have furniture that is to be disposed of, please contact Krister Fredriksson, coordinator at the Property Management Office on +46 70-333 10 08.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste can be chemical waste, contagious waste, infectious sharp-edged or pointed waste, discarded medicine and cytostatic waste, GMM waste, radioactive waste, etc. There are separate rules on the disposal of hazardous waste. 

Read more on the page Hazardous waste and hazardous goods.

Ink cartridges

Ink cartridges from printers are recycled through so-called return boxes. Order a return box on Wisum by searching for "returkartong". The full product name is "Atea miljöstation 2-pack returkartong för förbrukade lasertoner och bläckpatroner". The box can also be ordered in a six-pack. Any sort of ink cartridges can be placed in the box. Phone the logistics company through the phone number stated on the box to book pick-up of the box for recycling free of charge.

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