Copilot – AI chat that employees can use

Copilot is an intelligent and engaging chatbot that can help you with various tasks and questions. The chat is available to all employees at the university as well as affiliated with an A5 license.

Microsoft offers several AI services designed to help users be more productive and efficient. Several of Microsoft's AI services are called Copilot, which can be a bit confusing. Here is an overview that describes some of Microsoft's Copilot services:

Service Description Who can use the service Find the service User support
Copilot (formerly Bing chat) Intelligent and engaging AI chatbot on the web that can help you with various tasks and questions. Employees at Umu and affiliates who purchased an A5 license. Instruction Copilot, Manual
Copilot for Windows AI assistant available in Windows 11. The service is not available yet.    
Copilot for Microsoft 365 AI-powered productivity tool that is linked to the tools in Microsoft 365, e.g. Teams, Word, Excel, Powerpoint. The service requires a licence, which Umu does not currently have.    

Security in Copilot

The service has been reviewed from technical and legal aspects and is approved for use at Umeå University.

  • Copilot does not store or share the information you type in the chat.
  • All information in the chat will be deleted after the end of the session.
  • The information in the chat is never used to train the model.
  • The service handles data within Europe.
  • The service is covered by the university's agreements with Microsoft.

Do not handle personal data or confidential information

Do not handle other people's personal data or confidential information in the chat. Nor do other people's IPR-protected material, e.g. material you use with the support of the copying agreement, other people's copyrighted material. Also avoid adding research data and information that should not be disseminated, such as exam assignments.

Frequently asked questions about Copilot

Can I use images produced by Copilot?

You may use images created by the service, but you must credit the source and link back to Copilot. You may not use the images for commercial purposes or in a way that could harm someone physically, emotionally or financially. You may also not change or manipulate the images in any way.

Does this mean I can use other AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT?

The same applies to AI systems as to other IT systems and services; use only systems and services recommended and provided by the university.

Can students also use Copilot?

From 1 February 2024, students also have access to Copilot on the web via their Microsoft account. They do not have access to Copilot for Windows or Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Elin Sköld