Producing and ordering

Producing your own material

Taking your own photos

There are times when it may be more suitable to take photographs yourself than to hire a photographer.

Filming your own videos

Support and advice for filming your own material.


Advice and guidelines on how to produce texts adapted to the audience and medium.

Printed materials and templates

Templates, advice and information for designing printed materials.

Ordering or purchasing

Writing a brief

Drawing up a brief, i.e. a description of the assignment, is the first step of ordering a service or production.

Ordering photography services and images

Support, advice and guidelines for ordering photography services.

Ordering video and animation

Support, advice and guidelines for ordering video and moving image material.

Ordering graphic design

All types of design can be ordered through Inhousebyrån at the Communications Office.

Ordering customised University merchandise

Support for those needing promotional products, give-aways and gifts outside of the University's standard product range.

Ordering translation, proofreading and transcription services

Support for the purchase of translation, proofreading and transcription services.

Ordering digital ads

Support and advice for ordering digital ads and digital distribution.

Anja Axelsson