Encourage staff to respond

This page contains support for heads of department, other managers and HR officers on how to maximise the response rate for the 2024 employee satisfaction survey.

Umeå University's next employee satisfaction survey will be conducted in spring 2024, between 26 February and 15 March.

Encourage your staff to complete the survey

Staff that have not yet submitted their response to the employee satisfaction survey will receive three email reminders during the survey period. These will be sent from the survey supplier, Quicksearch, on 29 February, 6 March and 12 March.

At the 2021 employee satisfaction survey, the total response rate for the entire University was 84 per cent. Please encourage your staff to complete the survey to improve the response rate from last time.

Also, inform your staff that there is more information and an FAQ on the staff website Aurora.

Employee satisfaction survey (information for staff)



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Photo: Mattias Pettersson

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Human Resources Strategist, Human Resources Office
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