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We are now introducing Umeå University's new common printing solution, Umu-print. Below we have compiled information about what Umu-print means and how it will be introduced.

Benefits of the new printing solution

Umu-print is based on a decision by the Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University to draw on the many benefits that a common printing system brings to the University's departments and units.

A University-wide solution

As a user, you will now be able to print on all of the printers included in the Umu-print solution, which means that you can choose the printer closest to you. All printers will have the same type of interface, showing you how to use your employee or student credentials to log in and manage your printouts.

Safe and secure

To use the new solution, you need your Umu card or Umu ID, together with your PIN code, to log in to the printer you want to use for your printouts. This protects your printed documents from the risk of unauthorised access by others. All printers at the University will also share the same high security requirements, security settings and encryption.

Environmental benefits

All printers in the new solution are subject to the same environmental requirements, and include common default settings, such as double-sided printing, as well as routines toner usage procedures.

Printers included in the solution

Umu-print includes all so-called multifunction printers, i.e. "all-in-one printers" with a combination of printer, scanner and copier in one machine, used by employees, students and guests at Umeå University. The printers not included in the new solution are large format printers, label printers, printing machines, desktop printers and other types of printers with special requirements.

How Umu-print works

  • The Umu-print solution offers a fixed cost per machine that includes service, support and toner supply. Paper is not included in the service but is ordered as before via e-order in the marketplace. The printing solution is provided as a service, and Office is the owner of all equipment.
  • Each department or unit chooses the type of printer it wants and where to located it. Each department or unit will be invoiced for the type of printer it has chosen, while the cost of printing will be invoiced to the primary cost centre of the specific user.
  • To retrieve a printout from a printer, the user must use his/her Umu card or Umu ID together with a PIN code.


The introduction is being led by ITS and the contracted supplier Office Sverige AB is responsible for printers, security, support and service.

Umu-print will be introduced starting from year-end 22/23. The introduction will continue on an ongoing basis and will be planned in consultation with each department and unit. The printers currently connected to the "Copyprint" service will be first to switch to Umu-print. A more detailed timetable will be drawn up gradually and the managers concerned will be contacted as and when the time comes.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How will this solution affect those of us who currently have a printer connected to the "Copyprint" service?

Information will be sent to users affected. Printers that meet the set requirements will be transferred from the old "Copyprint" service to the new solution after a software upgrade. When a printer needs to be replaced at a later stage, it will be replaced by one of the procured models. Printers that do not currently meet the requirements or are too old will be replaced when the new solution is introduced.

What printers are available to choose from and what is included?

The cost for each department and unit will be based on the number of printers it chooses to have, the type of printer, and the number of prints.
The new service is an all-in-one solution where you pay a fixed cost per machine including service, support and toner supply. Paper is not included in the service but is ordered as before via e-order in the marketplace.
Please contact Service Desk if you need a new printer.


My requirements are not met by any of the above printers. What do I do?

The printing service covers all of the University's needs for multifunction printers. Exceptions include large format printers, label printers, printing machines and desktop printers, as well as other types of printers with special requirements. Any exceptions must be handled outside the common printing service. If this is the case, more information is available.


How do I choose which printer I want to print to?

You print your documents to a common queue (named "Umu-print"), and then retrieve the actual hardcopy printout on the printer that suits you best at the time. This type of solution is called "follow me print". As a user, you identify yourself at the printer you want to use with your Umu card or Umu ID. The new universal solution means that you will encounter the same type of printer no matter where you are on campus, as well as the same interface for how you log in and manage your prints.


Where can I get help if something goes wrong?

If you need user support, you can call or email Office directly using the details provided on the printer. You can also contact Service Desk if you have any questions or need help.


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