Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is used to log into university-wide systems and services that require multi-factor authentication. When logging in using Microsoft Authenticator, beside entering your username and password, you also enter a code received from an app or a hardware token.

How do I activate Microsoft Authenticator?

To activate multi-factor authentication, you follow the instructions given in the manual. The process takes about ten minutes, and it is crucial that you complete the entire procedure at the same time. To use the service, you need a mobile device such as a mobile phone or a tablet modern enough to install the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Activate multi-factor authentication (Manual)

When activating multi-factor authentication, the system will automatically activate it for your Office 365 account.

Ordering a hardware token

If you do not have a work mobile device, you can either use a private mobile phone or a hardware token. If you wish to use a hardware token, you need to contact Servicedesk to order one. Servicedesk will notify you when your hardware token is ready to be picked up, and they will provide information on how it works.

How do I log in using Microsoft Authenticator?

If you log in using a hardware token, you enter the six-digit code shown on the token into your computer in the view shown when you attempt to log in. If you log in using a mobile device, the most common method to log in is that a number is shown on your computer screen. You enter these numbers in the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone.

More support to log in is found in the manual.

Log onto Office 365 using multi-factor authentication (Manual)

Frequently asked questions regarding Microsoft Authenticator

Can I have Microsoft Authenticator on several mobile devices?

We recommend that you only activate multi-factor authentication on one device. It is possible to activate the app on more devices when, for instance, you are changing mobile phones, but this should only be a temporary solution. The intention should be to only use one device.

Multi-factor authentication does not work after I changed my mobile device. Why?

The new device needs to be added as a new device before the old device is deleted as an authenticator, or before the old device is taken out of use. Read how to add a new device in the manual. If you have lost your mobile device, you can receive a one-time password from Servicedesk. The password will work for one hour, which will allow you to add a new device. You can also reset your multi-factor authentication using Freja eID+.

Manual to reset your multi-factor authentication using a one-time password (Manual)

Manual for resetting multi-factor authentication using Freja eID+ (Manual)

Can I use my private mobile phone or tablet for multi-factor authentication at the University?

Yes, that is no problem. The device does not need to be owned by Umeå University.

The advantage of using your private mobile instead of a hardware token is that you do not have to keep track of an additional device. Whereas you probably take your phone with you everywhere you go anyway. It is easier to reset your multi-factor authentication if you should lose your mobile compared to the hardware token, and your mobile allows you to store all your logins using multi-factor authentication on one device.

What is the difference between using a private mobile and a hardware token?

Regardless of if you choose to activate your multi-factor authentication on a mobile phone or a hardware token, it is important to keep the device accessible when you work, both at home and in the office as well as when on business travel. Most people find it easier to use a mobile phone, which is an item you probably carry with you anyway.

To set up, you can activate a mobile device at any time, whereas the hardware token needs to be ordered and picked up from Servicedesk.

The hardware device is simple to use and shows numbers that change every so often. If you do not have time to enter all the digits before they change, you have to restart. Since the hardware token does not have a password, it is important to store it in a safe place.

I left my device at home, can I log in anyway?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get round multi-factor authentication. If you do not have the device with your multi-factor authentication, you will not be able to access the systems that require it. Contact Servicedesk if you need help to reset your multi-factor authentication.

Can I activate a second device although I have a hardware token?

We recommend that you only activate multi-factor authentication on one device. This means you should either have a mobile device or a hardware token, not both.

I have found a hardware token. What do I do?

If you have found a hardware token that is not being used, and whose owner does not seem to be around, please hand it in to Servicedesk.


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Manuals and instructions can be found on the website Manual.

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