The telephony is being moved from Skype to Teams

In 2023, Umeå University will move its telephony from Skype to Teams in Microsoft 365.

Skype is one of the university's tools for making calls and arranging digital meetings. Microsoft will not continue to develop Skype and has chosen to develop telephony in Teams instead. Therefore, we will replace Skype with Teams in Microsoft 365.

Teams is already used by many to chat, have digital meetings and collaborate. Teams offers the same functionality for telephony as Skype.

Prepare for telephony in Teams

If you're not already using Teams, it's a good idea to start using the app now. Download Microsoft 365 via Software center (PC), Self Service (Mac) or follow this instruction:

Download and Install Microsoft 365, Manual

New to Teams?

This page contains information and short videos that explain how Teams works and what you can use it for.

More about Teams

Timetable for the move

Week 11

University Administration
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

University Management
Internal Audit Office
Umeå School of Education
Centre for Educational Development (UPL)
University Library

Week 12

Faculty of Social Science

Week 13

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Science and Technology

Elin Sköld